The scales that fooled me!

No recipe in this post. I know I have been missing but I don’t think I have cooked anything special lately and hence the lack of new updates. There are some dishes I made last month and I will be uploading them soon. The reason I am posting this is because this weekend I got the shock of my life!! Ok I am being a little dramatic but drama will spice up my otherwise bland post.  So A and I went to IKEA last weekend with our friends here as we needed to buy furniture. Oh did I say A finished his thesis? There I completely forgot! We had a little celebration and I made vanilla cake, veggie quiche and fried chicken. The cake was just ok ok, so I will only post the recipes for the quiche and fried chicken.
Anyway, coming back to the shock of my life. We bought a lot of things from that huuuuuuuuuge store (store haha, more like a small town). Besides the household stuff, we also got a weighing scale, we have started working out and so keeping a tab on our weight would help. I was really tired after the mega shopping spree whole day, so I stayed at home while A went off to hang out with his friends. (*whispers* when Megh is alone she is weird). There are like thousands of thoughts fighting inside my head, each trying to reign supreme and influence me. In order to shut them up, sometimes I write, sometimes I cook, watch a movie, read something, or do random stuff. So that night, as I was propped up against my new duck feather cushions, I suddenly remembered the brand new weighing machine (I swear this story is going somewhere milord!) I was expecting a couple of extra kilos since I am not working now and don’t go out much. But to my HORROR OH THE HORROR, I saw that I had put on 15 kilos in the last 3 months!!!!! O O How on earth was that even possible?!! I was appalled, ashamed, embarrassed, scared and so on. The thought train just turned into a superfast thought train. Have I started eating more? Mayyybe. Am I eating unhealthy food? Not really. Do I look fatter? Noo.. I look the same (Do I look fat in my tiny profile pic?). Do my clothes fit? They totally do. So what am I missing here?
I decided there was no point in thinking much, if the scales say I put on 15 kilos, then I have. I may not look overweight but I may soon be suffering from heart disease, diabetes, joint pains etc. I just have to work out harder, eat very very healthy stuff, fibre, fruits etc cut on carbs, sugar and oily stuff, say goodbye to my dear french fries. The next thought was: there goes my blog. What am I supposed to update here? Well I could post some healthy recipes but what if they don’t turn out great, I am not going to post stuff which doesn’t taste good or I did not make myself. I was miserable.
Next day A came back with his friend R and I thought of asking her to test her weight. Annnnnd we discovered the machine was faulty!! Yay!!! I am not fat!! Welcome back french fries! R fixed it and then it showed that yes I have put on 3 or 4 kilos, which is what I had expected, but not 15 kilos! So I am not really going to change my diet but will just have to boost my exercise regime.
And this blog will never have a salad post ever!

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Author: Meghalee Das (118 Posts)

Meghalee Das is a former journalist, who occasionally writes as a freelancer. She loves traveling, camping, hiking, kayaking, gardening and of course, cooking. Currently she is doing her MBA from Texas State University and updates her blog whenever she gets the time!


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