Rongali Bihu or Poila Boishakh Feast


Rongali Bihu or Poila Boishakh marks the arrival of the New Year in the Assamese and Bengali communities of India. It is a festival of new clothes, good food, music and dance. I had invited some friends over to celebrate this festival and prepared a few traditional dishes. Here are some of the dishes, and I will be posting their recipes soon:

Fried snacks like Samosas or Singaras and Medu or Urad Dal Vadas
An alkaline bottle gourd curry, Lau’r Khaar
A thick aromatic lentil soup, Chanar Dal
Mixed Greens, made of potatoes, spinach, turnip and mustard greens
Coconut Cauliflower, a rich cauliflower curry cooked with grated coconut and cream
Masor Tenga, a traditional Assamese tangy fish curry
Paneer Butter Masala, Indian cottage cheese cooked in a creamy tomato gravy
Rice Pudding or Payesh and Gila Pitha, an Assamese sweet made of jaggery and rice flour

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