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Spicy Oregano Chicken

Spicy Oregano Chicken is a simple and flavorful dish, perfect for those days when you want to eat something subtle yet different from the usual dishes. This guest post was written by Trisha Rudra.


Tel Maach or Spicy Fried Fish Curry

Tel Maach refers to any recipe where the fish is fried and then cooked in a mustard oil-based gravy, ‘tel’ meaning oil. It is a popular Bengali fish curry, where the gravy is full of spices, onions, ginger and garlic


Indian Style Baked Potato Pizza

This is an Indian version of the pizza and consists of a mashed potato and flour crust. The multiple toppings include spicy cottage cheese or paneer tikka, deep fried ladyfingers and pointed gourd, pickled carrots and green mango and crispy besan bhujia.